The Hong Kong Jockey Club

December 2022

"Since the opening of this new venue at the Sha Tin Racecourse for the 2022-2023 racing season in Hong Kong, the Club is very pleased to have received numerous compliments from the horse owners and their guests.

The Club's objective was to provide a unique venue at the Racecourse designed for horse owners where they could appreciate the special experience of being a horse owner with their guests in the Club.

INARC addressed these complex issues with both creative and practical solutions. The Club is very pleased with this beautiful new venue and we wish to commend you and your team for your creativity and professionalism…”
Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges GBS JP
Chief Executive Officer

September 2021

“Since the completion of this unique, large apartment in mid-2020, we are very pleased to have received numerous compliments not only from our important tenant but also from many of his family members and friends.

The design challenges were considerable for both the range of interior functions as well as the outdoor terraces surrounding this apartment and the outdoor infinity edge swimming pool.

We are very pleased with the outcome and we wish to commend you and your team for your creativity and professionalism.”
N. T. J. Colfer

China Light and Power Company, Limited

August 2021

“As you may know, I have been heavily involved with what I hope will be another iconic CLP Headquarters building for our company for the next century.

I strongly believe Terry's design on this site would achieve a better long-term image of CLP in the eyes of our consumers.”
Sir Michael D. Kadoorie

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

March 2021

“Terry, please accept once again my congratulations on your outstanding achievements and my sincere thanks for making the Hilltop in the Valley (the new clubhouse building) so stunning and admirable.”
Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges GBS JP
Chief Executive Officer

May 2020

“INARC has been consistent during the last 5 years demonstrating their excellence in design and on numerous occasions has been shortlisted for our most coveted Awards.

In December 2019 at the Savoy Hotel in London, Inarc Design Hong Kong Limited won the World's Best Interior Design Award for their work, ‘The Owners with Kids Box’ at the Shatin Racecourse, for The Hong Kong Jockey Club and this Award was presented by Lord Thurso and myself.

I wish every success in the coming years to Terry Spinolo and his team and trust his company will continue to receive the recognition they deserve for the outstanding work they produce.”
Stuart Shield

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

August 2018

“Since the opening of this new venue at the Shatin Racecourse for the 2018-2019 racing season in Hong Kong, the Club is very pleased to have received numerous compliments from the horse owners.

The Club's goal was to provide a ‘first of its kind’ venue at the racecourse specifically designed for the children of horse owners in Hong Kong where they could appreciate the special experience through their parents of being a horse owner in the Club and eventually continue this legacy experience when they become adult members of the Club.

INARC addressed these complex issues with both creative and practical solutions including the well-conceived layout plan and the detail design of several important areas including the self-supporting kitchen and the various buffet counters, the male and female bathrooms, the kids games room, the private betting areas as well as the beautiful selections of stone and materials generally and the overall interior lighting design.”
Richard Cheung
Executive Director,
Customer and International Business Development

November 2012

“In April 2012, we marked our 11th year at the Insular Life Corporate Centre building. I want to inform you that our visitors continue to rave about our twin towers, the picturesque executive floor at the Level 31, the podium, foyer and the auditorium and most especially the ground floor main lobby.

In fact, our building was featured in an architectural and design magazine called Blue Print in 2003, as well as in an arts, culture and travel magazine called Muse in 2007. Muse described the design elements of the lobby as "stunning metaphors of Philippine geography and ethnicity.”
Vincente R. Ayllon
Chairman of the Board and CEO

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

July 2011

“Congratulations to you and your Team for the successful completion of the 3/F Owners Box at the Shatin Racecourse. Your trademark, fondly remembered from the years we worked together, has been your great ability to analyze and understand customers and operatinal needs. And less we forget, attention to details in design and execution. In over 50 years in hospitality management, with leading hotel Groups including The Peninsula Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Jockey Club and private enterprise, I have never come across any architect / designer as functionality and design detail oriented and committed as you!”
Fritz Sommerau
Head of Hospitality Services

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

September 2008

“The opening of our new Beijing Clubhouse was officiated by the Board of Stewards on 10 April 2008. The event was also attended by the International Olympic Committee President, Mr. Jacques Rogge and the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Mr. Henry Tang. Since that event, we have received many compliments from our Members and visitors together with the Beijing Authorities concerning the architectural design of this building.

The design challenges were considerable as approximately 38,000 square metres of area was required by the Club for a wide range of accommodation needs. Also, local planning constraints required the building design to reflect the traditional quadrangle Chinese architecture in Beijing. We have enjoyed working with you throughout this challenging project and believe it will be a landmark building in Beijing for many years to come.”
Gary Yau
Head of Property

August 2008

“We would like to express our appreciation for your firm’s vision, design and effort to implement this difficult project with many challenging conditions.

INARC gave us a clear vision and a creative design to truly reinvent our hotel. Finally and equally important, the entire INARC team was responsive during the construction stage, allowing the project to be completed on time.”
Steven D. Sears
Chief Executive Officer

August 2005

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you to express our appreciation for your company's design to re-create the luxury of the Presidential Suite and two Executive Suites at the Valley Wing of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. The task included analysing not only the detailed requirements of those important guests who stay there including heads of states and top executives but also creating a superior ambience for these Suites.

INARC succeeded in transforming the suites into ‘top luxury homes’ for royals and the like and has acheived a spectacular job in keeping the ‘feel and richness’ of the suites worthy of Valley Wing, at the same time upgrade the product to a new look and comfort of today’s demanding clientele.”
Marc Hediger
Group Director of Development

December 2002

“I write to you on behalf of Mandarin Oriental, Manila to express our appreciation for the efforts you and your team extended to us during the course of the design and the renovation of our new 18th floor Presidential and Executive Suites.

From the uniqueness of the design to your never ending push for excellence, we now have a product that we are not only very proud of but also one that is easy for us to sell.”
Helmut Gaisberger
General Manager

March 2002

“Ever since we moved into our new Headquarters last year, we have not stopped receiving compliments on our twin towers and most specially our very unique main lobby. What people find so amazing is that we were able to incorporate a distinctly Filipino character into a very modern building development.

The very arresting landscape that you created in our lobby, with its carefully chosen pieces of sculpture depicting significant characters and events from Philippine history and culture, the very playful water features extending over multi-layered floors hinting at our famous rice terraces and the many other details executed in 21st century finishes and proficiency, all project Insular Life as a modern forward-looking company that nevertheless, is very proud of its Filipino identity.”
Vincente R. Ayllon
Chairman of the Board and President

September 2000

“On behalf of The Dairy Farm Company Limited, I am writing to confirm our appreciation and commendation for a job well done with our corporate relocation project.

The challenge presented in February 1999 was for INARC to take over from an incumbent design team and help re-evaluate the entire project, from defining space standards to strategic growth planning, from creative layout design to budget evaluation and from contractor selection to fitout programme. This task was necessary to validate the true needs of the Wellcome, Mannings and 7-Eleven banners, plus the DFI Group head office and various Shared Services Departments. All were combined together, from 13 locations around Hong Kong, into a new 100,000 square feet corporate facility_all within a fixed, five month schedule.

To your credit, you rose to meet those challenges and indeed, in many aspects of your role, you exceeded expectations. INARC’s philosophy of 'measure twice, cut once' proved a most efficient and cost-effective way to resolve the many design challenges.”
David Carey
Director, Support Services

May 2000

“On behalf of the General Committee and the Project Committee, it is with great pleasure that I am writing to you to express our appreciation and admiration for your company's Design and Project Management Services for our recently completed Club renovation over two floors.

We believe the results speak for themselves as we have had many compliments not only from our members, but also from local and international guests, since the Club was officially re-opened on 1st November, 1999. We are especially pleased with the planning and creative design solutions that provide a variety of venues and spatial environments for our members, including both Western and Chinese dining facilities. We are also very pleased with the selections and choices of materials, finishes, furniture and lighting that significantly reinforce the warm and elegant atmosphere of the Club.

We also wish to express our sincere appreciation for your proactive efforts in re-appraising and re-framing our existing artwork collection and for your assistance and co-operation with the specially commissioned artworks provided by Mrs. Gudrun Gröting, which continually delight our members and their guests.”
J. Griffith
Committee Member

September 1999

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you to express our appreciation of your efforts and that of your team in handling the creative design and project supervision of the recently completed expansion to the Kowloon Club.

We have had many favourable comments on the finished product from both our existing members and guests and also from other visitors who have come to the facility.”
Larry Parmanand
Vice Chairman

June 1998

“As I contemplate my impending departure from Mandarin Oriental, I want to let you know how much we have appreciated your good work for us over the years.

Concerning Interiors, your design and project management work with us in the Mandarin Oriental Lobby and in our corporate offices have proven to have real enduring quality. And the implementation of the work was done by your team in a way that was very sensitive to the ongoing needs of continua! occupancy.

Concerning Architecture, it was a real pleasure to work with your team on the very difficult challenges posed by our Bagan Myanmar project. INARC consistently found creative, cost effective solutions which achieved both dramatic architectural impact and addressed operational needs. Mandarin Oriental would enthusiastically seek your help in any future projects.”
Robert E Riley
Managing Director